Our story

When a health nut and a food scientist come together. . .

You would think it would be obvious to decide on a platform to create content on, but truth be told, it wasn’t. For the life of us we could not decide what kind of blog we wanted to start, ideas ranged from funny gym reviews to weird reverse spherification cocktails. All we knew was, we wanted something where we could tell the story we wanted to tell.

After many weeks of back and forth with ideas, plans and strategies, we discussed our true passions in life, things we really deemed interesting and important to us. Mine being nutrition and hers food, we came to the conclusion that the westernized world needed to learn about the many health, nutrition and sustainable benefits insects hold. This is of course how we got to SUSTAINOMOPHAGY (For you guys who don’t know, Entomophagy is the “human use of insects as food”).

Combining insects, nutrition and sustainability to create awareness in South Africa and around the world of the various benefits garnered by using insects as a nutritious food source.

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