They are the new super food. . . but why? – The health benefits of eating insects

Setting aside the environmental benefits of farming and eating insects… Today I think we should discuss the health and nutritional benefits of incorporating insects into your daily diet! Disguised or not!

The health craze of the year… When I say that, what is your first thought? High fat and protein diets, of course! They have taken the Internet by storm, with thousands of articles being written every day concerning the benefits of living the paleo life style. And for good reason!

The high fat and protein diets have showed significant results in numerous different studies with people shredding a  significant amount of weight!  But enough of other people’s results… And more on insects!

Insects are pretty much nuts that just don’t grow on trees. They are very high in good fats and of course our favourite – protein. This is the perfect paleo meal! The fun part? You can make flour from almost any of these creepy crawlies, and we all know about the copious amounts of fun you can have with flour.

Those unhealthy cupcakes and quiches you’ve been making with all that gluten infested flour? They can now be transformed into a healthy snack with your gluten-free insect flour… Now if that’s not something to get excited about, I don’t know what is!

Rye  flour in  paper bag  on the wooden table

So now we know why incorporating insects into your daily diet is good, but how good exactly? Let’s use cricket flour as an example. Every 100g of pure cricket flour contains:

  • 64 – 73 grams of high quality protein (with all 9 essential amino acids)
  • 12 – 22 grams of unsaturated (the good one) fat
  • a good balance between Omega 3’s and 6’s
  • and various different minerals that help your body function the way it should.

Now that is a well balanced meal, right?  There really aren’t a lot of foods out there you can say that about.

Taking these benefits I just mentioned and combining them with all the environmental and sustainable benefits of farming/eating insects, there really is no reason to deny that insects are the new super food and potentially even the staple food of the future.

See below for the Essential Amino Acid break down for a 100g of  cricket protein:

  • 1.44g – Histidine
  • 2.59g – Isoleucine*
  • 4.61g – Leucine*
  • 3.61g – Lysine
  • 1.09g – Methionine
  • 0.51g – Cysteine
  • 2.37g – Threonine
  • 0.56g – Tryptophan
  • 3.70g – Valine*


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