Insects as food: The newest global trend

You may still be thinking to yourself that eating insects is far into the future, but you would be surprised to know that there are a growing number of companies in Western countries that are producing a variety of different insect based products. We wanted to take some time and introduce you to some of them, just to show you the new and exciting trends in this ever growing market.

In this post, we want to share five of our favourite products that we have found along the way. Unfortunately, most of these companies are overseas, but we have provided links too their online stores, so you can make a plan to get them into South Africa!

1. ExoProtein


Established in 2013 in their college dorm room, ExoProtein combined their love for health foods with something a little different-crickets. ExoProtein believe that crickets are the way forward in human nutrition, due to their high protein content and the incredibly small impact they have on the environment. They have since made quite a name for themselves, finding themselves in many product reviews and launches. Their product choices and marketing strategy maintains the perfect balance between health and extreme fitness. Do yourselves a favour, and go and have a look at their online store and browse their current product range, which consists of 5 high protein bars with trendy and interesting flavours What we love most about their site – their Journal page. They have written and posted incredibly interesting and relevant articles, so that consumers (or even just browsers) can familiarise themselves with the insect trend. We feel this company has really hit the nail of the head, and we’re super excited to see what they do next.

2. One Hop Kitchen

One Hop.jpg

-Big Flavour. Small Footprint- With a catch phrase like that, how can you not take them seriously?! At the first thought of eating minced up crickets and mealworms in a jar, I was a little bit taken aback, but honestly just looking at their product makes my mouth water! One Hop Kitchen makes delicious bolognaise from both crickets and mealworms and you can purchase them from their online store

3. CrikNutrition


High in zinc, magnesium, potassium, omegas and protein – crickets are perfect for creating a well-rounded protein powder. What’s more is that CrikNutrition has created a protein powder that not only contains a sustainable protein source, but it also contains no artificial ingredients what-so-ever!! They have 3 flavours in their range, and the taste reviews are raving about how good it tastes, both in milk and water! 20 grams of protein per serving, and free of gluten, lactose, soy and GMO’s, this is the perfect product for all those gym bunnies out there who enjoy supplements with a clean label. .

4. Chirps


Does guilt-free snacking appeal to you? Chirps are the first company to produce tortilla chips using cricket flour and the results are amazing. The chips maintain the desired tortilla taste and texture with the added benefit of being far healthier! Each packet contains 20g of protein, which is incredibly high compared to other snacking options. These chips are the ideal snack for those are doing their best to avoid carbs, as well as those wanting to pack in protein into their diet.

5. Bitty Foods


For all you bakers out there, this is the product for you!! This is a high protein all-purpose flour that is the perfect substitute for cake flour in all your baking creations. Bitty Foods was also kind enough to post exciting recipes on their site to get you started on your Bitty Foods baking journey. We highly recommend this as a great gluten free alternative! .

We certainly hope that this has opened your eyes to the ever growing insect food market and the incredible potential of insects as a food source. Keep your eye on our blog, because the grape vine has kindly informed us of an up and coming SOUTH AFRICAN based company, who will be releasing an exciting range of insect products in the next few weeks. This means you will finally get your hands on insect products with ease!


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